Why you need a Video Marketing Strategy? The Ultimate Guide.

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Posted on: 23 September 2020

Why you need a Video Marketing Strategy? The Ultimate Guide.

Are you curious about the new video marketing trend that has taken the digital sphere by storm? Well, this video marketing trend is not some brand new advertising buzzword that is making rounds. It has been around for quite sometime now. But it's priority has shifted on the digital realm over the years.

Today, video is no longer just a small part of your overall marketing strategy. But plays a very important and dominant role, especially in your social campaigns.

According to reports, 4 among the top 6 channels used by consumers to watch videos are social channels. Almost 500 million Facebook users watch videos every day. Do you wonder why? It is simple, video content is easy to consume. Plus, the right video content can never fail to engage audience. It's like a game, if you know to play your cards right, you can totally have a win- win situation. Also, compared to other mediums, videos have a better chance at going viral.

Hence, it's time you start creating videos or lose out on capturing the market front.

When creating a video content, make sure it's simple yet compelling enough for people to connect immediately. It should be focused on creating value. If you're focusing on selling your brand's pitch through your videos , you're on the wrong track. The market is oversaturated with the sales clutter and it can end up repelling your audience. Remember, the more value you create, the more people start engaging to your brand.

We know it seems very daunting at first, but with a good content plan , you can perfect your videos and maximise your brand's engagement. We are here to give away a starter kit to help you plan your videos effectively.

Listed below are the various types and styles of video options available. You can explore these options and choose the right ones that will align with your current strategy.

Brand Story Videos.

Brand videos typically present the story of the brand, it's goals, mission statement or it's services to your audience. Such videos help to build awareness and attract your target audience.

Unboxing or Demo Videos.

Videos that display your products and it's features.Unboxing videos during product launches by popular influencers is also worth giving a shot.

Educational or How -To Videos.

Videos to share instructions or how to use your products can engage a lot of unique users. It can also be used to educate people about your company and the solutions it offers.

Expert Tips or Interview

Videos featuring industry influencers and thought leaders speaking about your brand is the perfect way mobilize trust among your target audience.

Explainer Videos.

Such videos usually depict a fictional client or buyer who is facing a problem. In his journey, the individual is then shown to overcome the problem once he uses your product or adopts your business solution.

Client Testimonials or Case Studies.

Video marketing that feature your loyal customers talking about their personal experience with your company is the best advocate of trust for bringing in new clients.

Event Videos.

Event videos are normally used to highlight or create buzz before and after an event of your company. You can release an interesting teaser or a glimpse of the location, gathering etc.

Personalised Messages

Video marketing can used in a creative way to give personalized recommendations to your prospects via email or text. This can surprise your them and push them forward towards the buying cycle.

Animated Videos.

Animated videos format makes it easier to explain difficult concepts or abstract services which cannot otherwise communicated in normal videos. Animation video marketing use strong graphic visuals to deliver messages across several platforms in an uninterrupted way.

VR and 360° Videos.

VR or 360° videos allows audience to experience a full 360º x 180º panoramic field of view. Such videos let you look all around, left right, up and down and explore a scene from any perspective you choose. With Virtual Reality(VR) videos you can control and navigate your views.

Augmented Reality (AR) Videos

Augmented Reality videos overlays digital content with real-time experiences. You can point your phone's camera. It let's you search things visually, like locations, restaurants or any questions related to what you are currently viewing by pointing your phones camera at them.

Live Videos.

It allows viewers to stream live events, interviews or any behind-the-scene activity of your company. Live videos are seen bringing better engagements and also let's viewers comment or resolve queries during the stream.

Another platform which is turning out as an incredible marketing tool is YouTube. YouTube marketing is all the rage right now. YouTube is one of the biggest, most popular websites in the world. Apart from being one of the most popular website, it’s also a popular search engine, ranked second best by Google.

If you start creating videos for YouTube, you can be at a good place in terms of engagement. Plus, YouTube also gives a push to your other marketing efforts like email marketing, website traffic and social media channels. Video marketing, therefore, is a great way to enhance business opportunities and reach your potential audience. Start investing on them today and give your business a new direction in the online market.